If you believe an application decision is wrong, then you can appeal that decision. 

You must complete and submit an appeal form within one calendar month of you receiving your decision letter.

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Appeal to the Independent Tribunal

As a person affected by a decision, you may request that the Appeals Tribunal consider our decision. 

The request must be in writing and be received by the Council within one month of the date of the decision notification letter. Please use the Appeal form and mention in the comment box that you wish for the case to be heard by the Appeals Tribunal. 

For further information regarding appeal tribunal please see Gov.UK

Late Appeals

These can be considered in some circumstances, such as where the person affected was in hospital and unable to deal with their own affairs. If the Council does not support the reasons for lateness, it will be passed to the Tribunal Service for consideration.

Late appeals cannot be accepted for any reason if they are received more than 13 months after the date on the original decision letter.