Change of circumstances

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support entitlements are based on the details supplied when the claim was initially made.

If these details have changed then you must inform the Council as soon as possible.

How can I report a change in circumstance?

You can report a change in your circumstances or a change of address by clicking on the link below.

Changes we need to know about


These are some of the changes we need to know about to make sure you are getting the right amount of Housing and/or Council Tax Support:

  • you stop receiving Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Pension Credit or Employment Support Allowance
  • your Working Tax Credit or Child tax Credit changes
  • you move (even if you only move to a different room or flat within the same property)
  • a child leaves school or leaves home
  • you have a baby
  • your child starts to be cared for, or stops being cared for, by a registered childminder, or nursery or playgroup
  • someone moves into or out of your home (including boarders and sub-tenants)
  • your income, or the income of anyone living with you, changes
  • you or anyone living with you goes into hospital or a nursing home, or goes into prison (even if this is on remand)
  • you or anyone living with you gets a job, or changes their job, or becomes unemployed
  • you or anyone living with you takes a second job
  • you return to work after a period of illness where you have been receiving benefit
  • you or anyone living with you has a change in capital or savings (this does not apply to people receiving Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (Income Based), Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit) or Employment Support Allowance (Income related) – you should only notify DWP)
  • your rent changes – unless you are a Council Tenant
  • you receive a decision from the Home Office
  • someone starts to receive Carer’s Allowance for looking after you or your partner
  • if you change the bank account that we are paying your Housing Benefit into

Is there a time limit for reporting a change in my circumstances?

You must write to the Council within one month of any change in your circumstances that could change your benefit entitlement.

If you report your change of circumstances late, you could lose benefit or be required to pay the council back any overpayment.

What happens if I am late notifying a change?

If you do not let the Council know within the one-month time limit, and the change would be to increase your entitlement, the change will be calculated from the Monday after you notify the Council.

Can the one-month time limit be extended?

If you can show good cause for failing to let us know about a change in your circumstances within the one-month time limit, and the effect of the change would be an increase in your entitlement, the Council may extend the time limit. You must put your reasons for late notification of a change in circumstances in writing.