Council tax support scheme policy

In 2020/21 the Government announced a discretionary scheme to support financially vulnerable customers with their Council Tax repayments, as part of their response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council have worked together to secure funding to continue to provide this support in 2021/22.  The discretionary fund will ensure that all working age Council Tax Support customers will receive an additional payment to cover their outstanding Council Tax bill up to a maximum of £150.00.


Customers do not need to apply for this payment as these payments are being paid automatically to all qualifying customers on the 22nd April 2021.  Customers who receive this additional payment will receive a new Council Tax Support award letter and a new Council Tax bill advising them of their reduced balance and the amount of any remaining instalments due.

If you wish to apply for Council Tax Support then please see our benefits pages.

Horsham District Council Tax Support Scheme Policy

Horsham Council Tax Support Regulations (pdf 1.08MB)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is council tax support?

From 1 April 2013, the government abolished the national council tax benefits system and asked councils to introduce a local council tax support scheme to replace it. 

Our council tax support is means-tested.  The aim of our scheme is to help people on a low income to pay their Council Tax.  Claimants have their council tax bill reduced by the amount of support they receive.

How much Council Tax Support am I entitled to?

Use our online calculators to obtain an estimate of how much Council Tax Support you may be entitled to.

How do I apply?

You can apply for Council Tax Support using our self service portal 

What are my appeal rights?

There will no longer be a right of appeal to a Social Security Appeal tribunal. Appeals will now be heard by a Valuation tribunal, although there is no right of appeal against the principles of the Council Tax Support Scheme.

What if I cannot afford to pay this council tax?

The authority strongly encourages you to seek advice (Citizens Advice Bureau or The Money Advice Service, for example) and/or speak with the Revenues Team to make an arrangement to pay the Council Tax due. 

The authority has a responsibility to all Council Tax payers in the District to collect Council Tax due. 

Payments may be made by up to 12 instalments in any one tax year. If you wish to pay in instalments, you should contact the revenues team to arrange this.