Council Tax Scheme – Discretionary Payments

West Sussex County Council has allocated up to £3million to continue to support working age Council Tax Support customers across the county.  This money from the County Council, along with additional funding from Horsham District Council, will ensure all working age Council Tax Support customers receive a one-off discretionary payment of up to £150.00.  This payment will be paid direct to the customer’s Council Tax bill in order to reduce the amount they are due to pay.

Customers with a Council Tax balance of less than £150.00 will receive a reduced discretionary payment, which will be capped to match their outstanding balance.

The administration of this fund is being undertaken by the Revenues and Benefits team at Horsham District Council.  Payments for existing working age Council Tax Support customers were paid on the 27th April 2022, with amended Council Tax Support award letters and Council Tax bills sent by post.  These amended documents confirm the amount of the discretionary payment and the reduced Council Tax balance due.  If, following the award of a discretionary payment, a customer still owes a sum of Council Tax the revised Council Tax bill will also show the reduced instalments.

Working age customers who make a successful claim for Council Tax Support after the 22nd April 2022 will also be awarded a discretionary payment when their claim is first paid.

This support is in addition to the Government’s ‘Energy Bills Rebate’ scheme, further information on that scheme can be found on our Energy bills rebate webpage.