Energy Bills Rebate

On 3 February the Chancellor announced that the Government is providing funding for a £150 council tax rebate to households in Bands A to D.

Horsham District Council is also receiving funding to provide a discretionary energy bills rebate to households who do not qualify for the main scheme.

Please do not contact the Council Tax team at the present time as we are busy processing applications and payments.

Please read the FAQS below and if you still need further information  email and one of our colleagues from our partner council at Milton Keynes will reply to you.

Council Tax Rebate for Council Tax bands A to D

For people who pay Council Tax by direct debit, in most cases, the £150 rebate will go directly into your bank account without any need for you to do anything. Payments are due to start later this month.

Don’t worry if don’t pay your Council Tax by direct debit, we will be writing to you shortly to tell you how with further information about how to claim your rebate.

You don’t need to wait for the letter you can apply now for your rebate on our online portal if you think you meet the eligibility criteria below:

Apply for Council Tax Rebate

There is only one rebate available for each household.

In accepting the rebate the bank account holder is confirming that they are receiving the payment on behalf of the whole household and that they meet the qualifying criteria set out below.

If this later appears not to be the case, the grant may be liable to recovery from the recipient.

Discretionary Energy Rebate Scheme

Details of this scheme and how to apply are being finalised and will be published here by the end of April.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who will qualify for a payment?
  • You must be living in the property as your main home on 1 April 2022 
  • The property must be in Council Tax bands A, B, C, D, (or in Band E with a disabled band reduction, meaning that Band D is payable).

If you receive the following discounts or exemptions you will still receive the £150 payment: 

  • Council Tax Reduction 
  • a student exemption so long as you are named on the Council Tax bill (Halls of Residence are not entitled) 
  • an exemption because everyone living at your property is under 18 
  • a severe mental impairment exemption 
  • An annex that’s occupied by  
    • a dependant relative aged 65 or over, or  
    • someone with a severe mental impairment, or 
    • someone who is substantially or permanently disabled
Properties that do not qualify for a payment

Your property does not qualify for the payment if it is:

  • an unoccupied property such as: 
    • empty properties
    • second homes
    • holiday lets 
  • A property where one of the following has to pay Council Tax:
    • a housing association
    • non-resident landlord
    • local authority
    • corporate body or a government body
How can I check my Council Tax band?
How will I be paid my rebate?

If your currently pay your Council Tax by direct debit then the payment will be made automatically to the bank account set up for direct debit payments (subject to some background verification) based on the Council Tax records for 1 April 2022. You need take no action and the payment will be made automatically after your first direct debit payment for your Council Tax has been received.

If you don’t pay your Council Tax by direct debit then you will need to apply for the payment. A link will put on this page once the portal is open to applications and letters will be sent to eligible council taxpayers in early April to tell you how you can apply.

You will be able to choose to have a payment made to your nominated bank account or you can ask for the credit to be set against your Council Tax to reduce your monthly instalments.

When will the payments be issued?

As eligibility is based on the council taxpayer on 1 April we can’t make payments before 1 April 2022.

Given the volume of payments we have to administer there may be a delay in processing payments but we will deal with these as quickly as possible and hope to have the majority of payments made by the end of May.

What should I do if I receive an automatic payment in my bank account but I do not meet the qualifying criteria?

If you receive an automatic payment but you think that you do not qualify you should contact the Council immediately by emailing and let us know your name, address and why you think you should not receive the rebate. We will then get in contact with you. Please note that Milton Keynes Council is helping Horsham to deliver this scheme and so you may get emails from our team at  regarding your rebate.  

What about properties in band E to H?

The Council has been given additional funding to deliver discretionary energy rebates to households who do not qualify for the main rebate scheme. Details of this are still to be finalised but the following groups have been identified as potentially eligible so far

  • Households in bands E to H in receipt of CTR on 1 April 2022
  • Households in bands F to H in receipt of disabled band reduction on 1 April 2022
  • Households in bands E to H in receipt of Carers disregard on 1 April 2022
  • Households in bands E to H in receipt of an exemption because all occupiers are severely mentally impaired on 1 April 2022

Households in the above groups will be sent a letter inviting them to apply for a rebate.

There will also be a hardship fund which households who do not fall into the main scheme or in the above groups can apply for .

Applications for the discretionary fund will need to be submitted through the council’s online portal and this will open in early April.