Self Service FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

An error message appears in step 1 during registration process
This is a technical problem with the system, please report the issue to
The Link provided in my registration email directs me to the sign in/register page
If this happens, at this point you can sign in using your username, password and security questions and you should then be notified that your account is active.
A 'PIN invalid' message appeared when trying to sign up
Please email in order for your PIN to be reset.
I am trying to access my account through the 'my services's dashboard, but i do not yet have a PIN Number
If you do not yet have your PIN, you can click on the ‘access now’ button. this will ask you a set of questions, which if answered correctly will allow you immediate access.

Any other problems

If you have any other problems or questions which are not answered by the FAQ then please email